e-COM 4 CHILDREN training on the e-commerce of safe children’s products


Three intellectual outputs

For industry, consumer associations and authorities

Adaptive MOOC

For consumers

Interactive Comic

For all

Training materials

Characteristics of e-COM 4 CHILDREN training

Such as toys, childcare articles or children’s furniture


Coordinator: AIJU (Spain)
Instituto Tecnológico para Producto Infantil y de Ocio

Universita Politecnica Delle Marche (Italy)

Universidad de Alicante (Spain)

Associação para a Promoção da Segurança Infantil (Portugal)

Association for Toy and Play (Czech Republic)

Teaching Team

Karina Pernias

Head of the Physical Area of the Laboratory at AIJU

Master’s degree in Science and Chemical Technology at UNED. She has been working in child safety since 1987, an area in which she has extensive training and experience in management, testing and training.

Mª Cruz Arenas

Researcher on safety and risk assessment of children’s products in AIJU

Expert in children’s products safety. She is an expert member of the National Committee AEN / CTN 172 ‘Children’ and the European Committee of standardisation CEN/TC 252 ‘Child care and use articles’.

Antonio Di Stasi

Full Professor in Labour Law, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Professor at School of Civil Law, Università di Camerino. Expert in Social Security

Laura Torsello

Researcher in Law, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Expert in Social Security

Sandra Nascimento

Technical Director and President of the Board of APSI

Expert in child safety, injury prevention and child products safety. Consultant, trainer and member of Working Groups and Technical Committees in the area of children's rights, consumer protection and safety of children's products

Helena Sacadura Botte

Senior Trainer of APSI

Trainer in child safety, injury prevention and child products safety. Since 2003 is responsible for the counselling and education of families and for the training of health and education professionals among others.

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Topics that CounterRisk will cover:
- protection of intellectual property rights,
- product safety for children and
- how new technologies, such as the blockchain, can help protect products and improve their safety.
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