About the adaptive MOOC

What is an adaptive MOOC?
It is an open online course in MOOC format, which offers users the possibility to choose from a series of training modules according to their wishes, or follow a recommendation based on an analysis of their profiles and needs. MOOC is the acronym for Massive Online Open Course, i.e. an online course, accessible via the web, and free of charge. Anyone can register and there is no limit to the number of participants.
Is this course completely free?
Yes, it is. The course is completely free of charge and open to all.
Are there requirements for taking this course?
To take this course, you need only have an interest in e-commerce focused on the children’s products sector, either because you are a consumer or a professional in the area, or would like to become one.
What topics of interest am I going to find?
The syllabus of the course combines contents with a cross-cutting approach to e-commerce with particular topics related to several children’s products sold online, like toys, childcare articles or furniture. It offers for the first time an integrated vision of e-commerce, product safety and consumer rights in the online market.
What do I need to take this course?
You can take this course using your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You only need Internet access and a Gmail account! The platform has been developed based on Google technology, which is why a Gmail account is required.
Will I receive a certificate upon finishing the course?
When you finish the course, you will be able to download your digital certificate free of charge.
When does the course start?
At the moment, the training materials which will be included in the platform of the course are being developed by the partners of the European project e-COM 4 CHILDREN. The course is not currently available, but you can pre-register and be a part of a potential group of users that will participate in the pilot phase of the adaptive e-COM 4 CHILDREN MOOC before the formal launch. The project ends in March 2020.

About the interactive COMIC

What is the interactive COMIC?
It is an e-book in comic format, where the learning process is based on a storytelling. Stories are an effective tool in education; students identify with them and therefore remember them. With the COMIC you will learn how to buy safe children’s products online, and will be able to assess your level of competence with entertaining practical examples.
Who is it for?
The interactive COMIC is conceived as a training tool intended for staff from consumer associations and consumers in general, featuring direct and simple language.
I am a teacher; can this tool help me in my classes?
The online purchase of consumer goods is an everyday practice which consumers should be trained to do. You can use this tool in class with your students—future consumers, making them aware of the importance of knowing how to buy online with every guarantee.