Free webinar on the safety of children’s products sold online within the Erasmus Days 2020

Free webinar on the safety of children's products sold online within the Erasmus Days 2020


Within the Erasmus Days 2020 initiative, AIJU will deliver a free webinar on the safety of children's products sold online on October 15, 2020 and how the e-COM 4 CHILDREN tools can help to improve the capacities of organizations (companies, consumer associations and authorities) for the sale / purchase and control of children's products sold online.

You can now register for the webinar on the AIJU website


On the website you can access the three free and open educational online resources developed within the e-COM4CHILDREN project for training on the e-commerce of safe children's products:

  1. ADAPTIVE MOOC: online course in MOOC format, where the training itinerary adjusts to the characteristics of the students individually and adjusting its pace of execution to the rhythm of the student's learning. The adaptive MOOC e-COM 4 CHILDREN offer four itineraries, depending on the user's profile:
  • Itinerary 1 Industry. For people who work in companies in the children's products sector or are interested in working in this sector.
  • Itinerary 2 Consumers. For staff of consumer associations or public or private entities in the field of consumer protection or people interested in consumer rights in the EU.
  • Itinerary 3 Authorities. For public administration personnel who carry out market surveillance activities.
  • Itinerary 4 Master course. For those interested in having a global vision of the online sale / purchase of children's products from the legal perspective of e-commerce, consumer rights and the safety of children's products in the EU.


  1. INTERACTIVE COMIC: open online educational resource, hypercomic type, through which training is provided to the user for the online purchase of safe children's products. The tool also contains a self-assessment module so that the user can know the level of competence that they have acquired after training. The comic is intended for the staff of consumer associations and consumers in general. The comic contextualizes the needs of a family with children who wants to buy online different products for their children safely, in this way it is also intended to connect with the problems of users when dealing with online shopping.

Through the Silva family, with three children aged from 12 years to 1 year, the user learns to identify trusted websites for online purchase and to be able to assess the safety of certain types of children's products on the online channel.


  1. TRAINING MATERIALS: compendium of lessons in video format, texts, photos, infographics, activities, exam questions, vignettes and additional reference materials that combine theory and practice on the e-commerce and the safety of children's products in the online channel.