Presentation of the e-COM 4 CHILDREN training materials in Prague

On 18thJune, the first multiplier event of the e-COM 4 CHILDREN project was held, where the developed training materials were presented and the challenges of e-commerce of children's products faced by companies, consumer organizations and authorities were exposed.

The Università Politecnica delle Marche highlighted the importance of generating confidence in the consumer when it comes to online sales, and how product safety can be a decisive factor for purchasing. The Association for the Promotion of Child Safety (APSI) explained the key aspects of consumer rights in e-commerce and AIJU provided an overview of the European legal framework applicable to children's products from a perspective of product safety. The University of Alicante put in value the potential of the MOOCs as flexible, open and free training tools for companies.

Also, to thank the Czech Toy Association (SHH), the organization of the event and its contribution with the needs of the industry in the field of e-commerce of safe children's products.

This event is part of a series of three events that will be held throughout the project in the Czech Republic, Portugal and Spain. The next event will take place in Lisbon on November 14, 2019.